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April 14, 2009


Andy Fossett

Nice! That's pretty much exactly what I used to do between grading stacks of exams, though I tended to cap it off with a good shake out. The other teachers thought it was hilarious, but it does a great job of keeping my energy up through a long day at the desk.

Adam Steer

Hey Andy,

Yeah, most of my clients tell the same story about the initial reaction of their colleagues. However, the majority tell me that before long everyone joins the act! One of my students even had people doing the Leg Swoop in the hallway!


John Sifferman - Real World Strength Training

These are great exercises Adam. And I'll agree 100% that doing a full body joint mobility routine daily goes a LONG way to promoting healthy movement.

I like the "top 5 list" format - keep them coming!


I've been starting every morning with Intu-Flow for probably the last month or so, since I got the DVD. I can do most of it from memory now. Throughout the day though I do a lot of work on my wrists, my right one has been bothering me so I tend to work on it more than anything else right now. When I'm going through the entire series I think my favorite part is the 4 corner balance drill.

Adam Steer

John - Thanks for dropping by man!

Dean - The 4CBD is awesome. I have an older client who has gained serious stability and balance just from adding that to her routine. I'm glad you discovered Intu-Flow. And it is perfect that you are peppering extra bits throughout your day in areas you feel need more attention.


Henri Henell

Hi Adam,

I've been using IntuFlow since januar and feel me excellent. I'm physical therapist in Norway and finally my eyes has opened. I use daily IntuFlow and BER myself and to my clients and I'm eager to learn more!

Keep on good work!


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