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July 08, 2009


Jason M

Resting meat after cooking, we are in many respects talking about cooling here, allows collagen to coagulate and for saturated fats to congeal. These main mechanism increase the moisture holding capacity of the meat... which means it all doesn't run out when you break the structure provided by the cooked surface.

I like using egg as a binder in my burgers, it allows you to work the meat less which translates into a more succulent patty. That and using better cuts (not just leaner! short rib meat FTW!) in your ground.

Adam Steer

Hey Jason,

I know there had to be some solid science behind that... ;)

Yeah, of course fatty cuts make better burgers. LOL But if you're gonna eat the lean stuff you can still make it juicy...

Thanks for chiming in. Great input.


Truth About Abs

Man I LOVE bison.. as a natural and/or organic eater and someone that tries to stay as fit and healthy as possible, bison is actually one of the staples of my protein supply. Tasty and healthy. Love it LOVE IT, especially on the grill!!! thanks for the recipe, ALWAYS on the look out for newer, tasty ways to mix it up!
Can't wait to try it!!

Adam Steer

Gwnn - Let me know how it turns out.

And hey, if you have some recipes that you'd like to share here in the comments go for it! I know I would benefit, and I bet everyone else would too.


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