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August 17, 2009


Sean Barker

Great point Adam.

People wouldn't have to worry so much about every little thing they ate these days if they just expended a little more energy preparing real food.

Back in the "old" days our grandmothers would burn more calories making homemade bread than was actually in the bread itself!


Absolutely right! I'm an avid cook and baker, so I rarely eat out or buy baked goods. Plus, when you learn how to cook and bake, you'll find that your own food tastes way better than store-made stuff. Call it culinary snobbery, but why would I pay for a brownie from Starbucks when I can make my own for cheaper AND it tastes waaaay better? :-)

Adam Steer

Sean - Too true! Cooking seems to be a lost art nowadays. I love the idea of the "slow food" movement. It's so much more rewarding to prepare an experience than grab a bite.

Palidor - I hear ya! Especially when it comes to pasta, I almost never order it from a restaurant anymore. I'm always disappointed and come away thinking I could have done way better myself. Again, cooking is an essential skill and a lost art...


I agree that this is an interesting and important experiment. While I am in the rare being one who doesn't enjoy sweets, I know that everyone around me struggles with this.

I'm lucky to be able to have great, healthy food prepared for me every day. However, having a convenience store and Starbucks on every corner over here in Japan sure doesn't help! Sometimes going without something truly is the best choice.

liz jaeger

So true ! ... I thought I had escaped, being gluten-intolerant, but then our Starbucks started carrying a gluten-free thingy ... NO !!

Really enjoy your site :)
thanks !

Adam Steer

Ryan - I'm trying not to resent you for not having a sweet tooth!

Liz - They're very sneaky... :)


Adam, you hit the nail on the head here... I was lucky to escape Starbucks just a few minutes ago w/a plain latte... I wouldn't even let myself look at the display case b/c I knew if I did it would be the end of my resolve. Now that I'm home, I haven't even the slightest desire for any of that crud! Amazing what availability does to our psychology.

Ryan, you are one lucky !@**$%##!!! I wish I'd never tried sugar...

Intermitten Fasting Success

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Nox Edge

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