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October 23, 2009



I use real butter on my broccoli everyday along with garlic.


What brand of organic butter do u use/suggest?


The supermarket butter in the states taste like oil. Absolutely gross! I'm an American expat, living in France and the butter here is divine, though I don't know if they are grass-fed. When I go back to the states for summer vacation I bring enough salted, breton butter to slap on those wonderful bagels we binge on for breakfast.


There's a farm about an hour away from where I live that I found which sells raw milk from healthy grass-fed cows. They have their own cheese and butter as well. It's something I'm going to try very soon. I'm buying organic butter now, but I've always made sure to have real butter on hand. It's intersting to know how these poor animals are being treated all to make an extra buck. It's amazing how these places never consider how treating and caring for the animals has such a huge effect on those of us who consume animal products. It's reassuring to see more local farms going back to raising the animals the way nature intended.


My favorite use for butter has to be on fresh popcorn (from an air popper, not microwaved) sprinkled with nutritional yeast! It goes perfect with movie night.


Soup. A pat of butter makes just about any soup better. My favorite: spicy tomato soup with butter.

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