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November 27, 2009


Keith Koger

Hi Adam,

You say that "if you don't mind a few extra calories and carbs, throw in a sprinkle of organic cashews..."

I go along with the few extra calories part, but carbs? Cashews are high in fat, not carbohydrates. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.


Adam Steer

Hi Keith,

Yep, carbs in cashews more fat but there are still fairly significant
carbs... It just depends how low youre trying to keep your carbs on
that day.

Keith Koger

Hi Adam,

There are 10 net grams of carbs in 1 oz of cashews. Is that what you consider high? Just curious.


Adam Steer


Depends on what you are shooting for. For example, if you are trying to
remain in ketosis, thats almost half your carb allotment for the day.
And 1 oz aint a whole heck of-a-lot of cashews... ;-)

Dont get me wrong, I eat tons of nuts. You just have to be aware of
the goal...

Keith Koger

OIC. I guess that is why I suck at low carb diets. When I think "high carb," I'm thinking more along the lines of sugar-laden junk foods, grains like corn and wheat, starches like white potatoes, those sorts of foods. 10 grams of anything wouldn't even register with me!

Mick Solomons

Most nuts are high in PUFA (pro-inflammatory Omega-6's) so thats something to watch out for more than the carbs. Macadamia's are the best nuts to eat as they are low in omega-6's and high in 3's.

Adam a good way to solve this problem is by doing Intermittent Fasting. Just remove breakfast completely and start your day's eating at lunchtim...no more problems :) and IF is really good for you.

Mick Solomons

The Mind Relaxer

What are those extra characters doing in your post? anyways thanks for sharing them.


Hey Adam,

I am new here. I was wondering if you send out emails of your new posts similarly to how Rusty (fitness black book) does his. Thanks for this post! Also, if I want high carbs for breakfast then can I chop up chicken, ham or turkey and put it in my eggs?



thanks for the info. bon appetit!


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Cho Yung Tea

I don't think low carb is good for health ...we should go for proper nutrition diet that give strength to muscles and good for weight lose by increasing metabolism....

Force Factor

i like your recommendation but small meals help in reduce weight?
In my opinion it will not provide us proper nutrition in a time that we can work easily.

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