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September 29, 2010


Dean McCormick

Hey Adam, I made the mistake of ignoring pull-ups for about a 2 and a half month period earlier this past Spring. I'm paying for it now with a shoulder injury. I'm convinced it had to do with lack of pull-ups in my training for those couple of months. I'm back to doing them again. I've got an outdoor PU bar that I made about a year and a half ago and I'm waiting for a custom rig being built by Ryan Pitts for my indoor training area. Your's looks pretty awesome

Adam Steer

Hey Dean,

Ive always wanted to do a mega outdoor exercise station. (disguised — of course — as a play area for my kid...)


David Harms

The Pull-Up exercise is a great exercise for developing the bicep muscle. The problem with pull-ups is that most people don’t have the strength to do them correctly or with full range of motion. The Push-Up Bench can be used to do assisted Pull-Ups.

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